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Website design Garadzenskiy Maontak Karobchytsy has been working with this client for more than a year on SMM promotion and website administration. After launching the work on the @maentak.grodno account, the number of interested users increased. The tourist complex itself is growing too: new gazebos for recreation have been installed; the range of services provided has been expanded. The existing version of the site simply cannot cope with the demands of users and needs a redesign., after analysing the issues from the inside, proposed its own concept for the site.


Redesign of the existing version of the website.


The design of the layout emphasised eco-friendliness, family values and the beauty and identity of the tourist complex. Each section has a unique design. The real photos of Korobcice area were the basis for the redesign of this layout.The photos were also prepared by

Home page

The home page has a slider that draws attention to the services being promoted, gathers all the most appealing information and, as a result, increases the time spent on the site. In order to attract as many tourists as possible, the new version was decided to be multi-lingual.

Gazebo booking

A gazebo booking system has been developed separately for this layout, so that online users can plan their holiday at any time. The booking system includes a description of each gazebo, a photo gallery and opening hours.

Layout for each page developed the complete layout of the information website to give the client a complete visual image.

We have done extensive work to offer the redesign of all 7 sections of the website.

HoldCargo website design and development

Компания HoldCargo быстро завоевала лидирующие позиции на рынке автомобильных услуг в регионе. Только высококвалифицированные сотрудники, оптимальные схемы доставки грузов, использование современного специализированного парка автотранспортных средств, минимальные сроки доставки и правильно расставленные приоритеты на рынке автомобильных услуг помогли за короткий срок добиться значимых результатов и расширить географию клиентов.

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