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Unistrade website design and development

Unistrade is the largest manufacturer of roofs and fences. It is the only company in Belarus that produces 5 types of fence blinds, 3 of which are patented. The company is constantly developing and exploring new directions.


To develop a website where all products and services can be viewed and, if necessary, orders can be placed.


We designed and launched an online store. However, not a basic one: the new website combined corporate style and the features of that very online shop.


A slider is placed on the home page to draw the user's attention to the product categories that currently need promotion.

The next block on the home page is a list of popular products. This was done in order to give the user all the necessary information immediately and keep them on the website.
The News block gives an overview of the company's life and product innovations, and describes the benefits of working with Unistrade. Such articles, on the one hand, engage users and, on the other hand, have a positive effect on SEO promotion. Just below is the feedback and contact information section.


The Products section is designed as an online store.

The product card contains detailed information about the item, payment methods, delivery; you can choose the type of coating and application, get acquainted with the characteristics and have a closer look at each item in the photo gallery. In addition, you can choose the available colours and define the colour number. Also, you canfind all the necessary information on related products.

Compact and unique

The Customers and Partners section contains all the information you need in a compact and user-friendly way. In addition, the “Where to Buy” section allows you to find all sales outlets on the map at a glance.


We would also like to highlight the Video Gallery, which provides interesting and entertaining information on various product categories, as well as product tests in the form of a blog.

By the way, almost all the production for Unistrade is done by We prepared the articles for the website, which are at directly SEO-oriented.

AzotChimFortis website design and development

Гродно Азот на территории Беларуси известен всем. Это градообразующее предприятие давно зарекомендовало себя на рынке, имеет хорошую репутацию. АзотХимФортис – дочернее предприятие Гродно Азот, которое нуждалось в продвижении. Стартанули с настройки различных видов реклам и SMM. Позже было принято решение обновить сайт.

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