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Glassworks Neman


Neman is a brand well-known in Belarus and abroad. And in the post-Soviet space there are hardly any families who do not have and have not had a crystal of this glassworks. Neman is translucent, ringing, clean, premium and festive. These associations have become the mainstay of the @glassworksneman profile page, which we started working on in January 2019.

During our cooperation this large Belarusian brand has increased the number of brand stores in Belarus. There was an increase in tours to the factory museum, the online store began to actively develop, hundreds of awards at prestigious exhibitions and competitions were received. Since 2019, the company has received a custom order for partners from France. And all this, thanks to the smoothly running company, as well as proper positioning, daily work on the profile page and production from


The main thing about the @glassworksneman profile page design - quality, bright, studio photos and beautiful videos that allow the potential customer to view the products from all angles in a beneficial perspective. With good content, we strengthened the desire to make a purchase. Photos and videos in the profile page alternate with infographics on a monochrome background, where reviews, informative articles, advertising of the site and new products are placed.

Recognizability created a recognizable corporate design based on a basic set of colors and graphic elements. The feed regularly features new products with descriptions, promotions in brand stores, entertaining animations and interactives. The brand literally became closer to customers, began to communicate with them as with friends. Publications of the glassworks NEMAN stand out in the general feed recognizable design and author's style.

glassworksneman 11 сентября 2020 г.


Each photo, video and animation in @glassworksneman is its own production, whose main goal is to create the most beautiful " image" worthy of a prestigious brand.

We were able to establish a community in the profile page. With the advent of content from, the number of direct messages and comments with a request to buy and reactions to stories increased sharply, which indicates the success of the chosen strategy. Now the profile page doesn't look old-fashioned, it's stylish, comfortable, and modern.


Separate attention also deserves publications in the stories. This is a kind of separate blog with native advertising for the products. Here you can find interesting information about the history of the glassworks NEMAN, animated guides on products and their proper use, selections of films and books for inspiration, as well as brief but useful information about company news. In addition, user content is actively published in storis.

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