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Garadzenskiy Maontak Karobchytsy


Garadzenskiy Maontak Karobchytsy Garadzenskiy Maontak Karobchytsy is a unique place for recreation. There are no other places like it in Belarus. Ancient manors, wildlife, horse riding, unbelievable meals, breathtaking views and royal luxury everywhere attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Among the guests of the complex are the president of the country, media personalities, ambassadors and athletes, tourists from all over the world. Every centimeter of this complex has been well thought out to the last detail. This place will be interesting to absolutely everyone. has done its best to emphasize the unique atmosphere of this place. We have been working on the project since August 2019.


Like any other project, we started working on the @maentak.grodno profile page by choosing a positioning and working out a strategy. At the beginning of autumn, Korobchitsy hosts the international festival HORSE DAY, for which the goal was to attract as many visitors and guests as possible. One of the solutions was to start a horse blog profile page. Avensis - a real horse in Karobchitsy - spoke on his own behalf about everything that was going on, about his life on the complex, as well as about the upcoming festivities. That's why in the beginning the @maentak.grodno feed looked like this.


The tasks changed, but thanks to the successful choice of strategy, the feed retained its integrity and uniqueness. By the way, all the photo and video materials for @maentak.grodno were made by, we became a media and technical partner at all their events.

maentak.grodno 30 ноября 2019 г.


Every publication at @maentak.grodno is its own production. To diversify theirs and stand out in the overall feed, various photo-shooting mechanics were used. Virtual excursions, time-lapse, drone shots and much more. Having successfully built a communication platform based on the profile page, we began to receive a huge amount of user-generated content.

Profile descriptions, content, Highlights covers, daily posting and community moderation - every component worked for results. The goals set for are to attract tourists to the complex itself and to reanimate the account after a long pause. From the first publication, we built communication between the audience and the brand clearly and quickly. Each month began to receive and process more than a thousand direct messages, comments and reactions to stories.


The Highlights covers were designed by us based on real images and perfectly depicted all the moments of the vacation in Maontak Karobchytsy.

Furthermore, they have become a kind of guide to @maentak.grodno. Posting on stories is a special kind of relationship with the audience. Animations, interactives, games and quizzes have all been designed to increase the number of interactions with the profile page.

Special Projects

The epidemiological situation has made adjustments to the @maentak.grodno profile page. In May, a large-scale project was launched - an excursion from home, thanks to which one could not only admire the views of Karobchytsy, but also "visit" the partisan camp. The project received support in the form of targeted advertising and helped expand the audience of the profile page even more.


A special pride of the estate in Korobchitsy is the huge number of unique animals that live there. A number of publications were prepared about their names, habits, characters and predilections, which increased the interest of subscribers to actually visit this tourist complex.


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