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Website development


We specialize in creating websites of different complexity and different categories, as well as CRM-systems. The website made by is a unique solution to any business tasks. This is a complete digital system that allows communicating with potential clients on the Internet, whereas the CRM system helps automate the operating processes of exactly your business. Moreover, we are engaged in administration and optimization of existing websites.

Modern Approach

The field of web technologies is developing very rapidly. We offer our clients only modern solutions.

Unique solutions

From design to content - every element of your site will be unique and created specifically for your needs.

Client ownership

You are the rightful owner of the website. All necessary documents and domains are registered in your name.

Stages of work

Brief and technical requirements

Quality technical requirements guarantee quick and accurate website development and its interface.

Design of the home and sample pages of the website

The work begins with the creation of the design of the home page, then the sample pages follow. The client is offered several variants of layouts.

HTML layout

The approved design is cut up and converted into HTML pages that are viewable with a browser.

Programming and testing

Development of functional tools and integration into the content management system (CMS). Functional testing of the website.

Website hosting

Making adjustments, hosting the project, maintaining the site and its software base.

Filling with content and seo-optimization

Adding texts, graphics and files agreed upon with the customer. Conducting a set of works on the basic optimization of the website.


we are

Professional UX/UI design

Designing with marketing goals and objectives in mind, and user experience.

Modern front-end

Emphasis on Mobile First, adaptation for more than 40 resolutions, layout validity and CSS.

Leading technologies

We use modern content management systems and frameworks: WordPress, ModX, Laravel, Vue.

Testing and training

Before launching the website we test and, if necessary, provide training for employees.

Price list:


CRM systems

Software for companies that helps automate customer service, develop business processes and analyze results. The CRM system stores information about customers and interactions with them. This contributes to improved customer service and increased sales.

Buseiness card website

A one-page website with brief information about the company, the services and contact information.


A website for collecting the contact data. It contains a fairly large amount of information about the company and products or services.

Information website

A multi-page website dedicated to one or more topics, with a lot of content: articles, graphics, photo and video files.

Corporate website

A multi-page website that describes the company, its activities, contact information and a complete list of services and products.

E-commerce website

A web resource that allows users to choose and pay for products from the comfort of their homes. It contains an extended product catalog.

Up-to-date IT solutions for all types of business



Development of unique solutions for business management, enterprise, sales, company resources


Digitalization and automation of processes in all business areas: real estate, logistics, e-commerce, financial accounting, medicine


Development of API and backend for mobile apps, integration of third-party services into web-products